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We Have Quality Music Education For All Ages

Baraboo Music currently offers private instruction on a variety of instrument including guitar, bass, drums, trumpet, clarinet, flute, and alto sax . Baraboo Music currently has over 100 students ranging in age from 8 to 76 years old. (Music truly transcends generational boundaries!) Feel free to check out our teacher bois below to acquaint yourself with our staff.


$20 for a half hour Lesson 
(all instruments, all Baraboo Music instructors)

Weekly or Every Other Week

Guitar: Mon-Thursday   3:30 - 7:00
Bass: Monday 3:00 - 7:00

Drums:  Mon - Wed call Nathan 

Violin: Tuesday  3:00 - 7:00

Educator Profiles

Jerry Beschta:
Jerry has been teaching bass and 6 string guitar at Baraboo music since 2005. Jerry plays guitar for a variety of local country music groups in the area. He and his wife Deb live in Baraboo.

Frank Bowen: 

Frank is a private instructor who teaches numerous instruments and has a wealth of experience. Frank teaches Beginning Guitar, Trumpet, Trombone, Flute, Saxophone, and Clarinet. Frank currently resides in Baraboo. Frank's contact information:

Phone: (224) 406-4499 


Nathan Russell:

Nathan is a private instructor who teaches Drums & Percussion here at Baraboo Music on Mondays and Wednesdays. Nathan has his degree in Music and currently operates Portage Soundworks in Portage, WI. 

Nathan's contact information:




Corey Mineard:

Corey Began teaching at Baraboo Music in July of 2009 and instructs students of all ages and abilities. Corey currently plays lead guitar for "The Blacker Brothers band" and he resides in Baraboo.


Les Sandberg:

Les has been teaching violin, viola, cello & bass at Baraboo Music since December of 2011. Les was the popular string instructor at Webb Middle School in Reedsburg for many years before retiring and coming over to Baraboo Music. Les and his wife live near Rock Springs.


Andy Johnson:
Andy is the owner of Baraboo Music and has been teachng Children's Guitar since the store's beginning in 2001. Andy plays guitar for "The Tropicoustics" as well as the country-Gospel group "Glory Train".  Andy and his family live near Rock Springs.


      Store Hours: Mon-Fri. 10-6 •  Sat 9-5 • Closed Sunday • 129 3rd St. Baraboo WI  53913 • (608)355-0207